Consistent Parenting Workshops





Workshop Details:
Participants will create a Consistent Parenting Plan that they can use immediately.

Two Workshops:
Workshop #1 is for parents new to Conecta. Parents are encouraged to attend both workshops, but you can choose to only register for one. 

Workshop #2 is for parents that practice RIE® or have attended the first workshop. We will look at your communication with your child in more depth and detail, and create a thorough plan of action for consistent communication. 

More Consistency
Being clear and united with your message allows your child to understand what to expect. The significant amount of development and learning in the first years of life makes children crave consistency in discipline, guidance, and routines. This creates a sense of calm, instead of stress. Everyone can benefit from a calm environment!

Communication with Confidence
You and your partner will create a Consistent Parenting Plan that works for the family. In the workshop, you will prepare responses that you agree on, and with some practice that night, your message will be ready to share with your child when a situation arises. Abbie will hold whole group and individual conversations during the workshop to look in depth at situations that can be difficult for parents. She will give advice on how to frame responses to behavior. 

Going Stag?
If your partner cannot attend, this work is still valuable, so please attend. You can bring home a Consistent Parenting Plan to discuss and implement, and there are other resources that can be shared. 

RIE® is a Reference for the Workshop
Abbie has helped hundreds of parents of young children in her career. As an early childhood teacher for over 12 years in preschool, kindergarten, and now at Conecta, she is a resource of knowledge about effective communication with children. Her work is influenced by the seminal work of Magda Gerber, the founder of Resources for Infant Educarers, or RIE®. 

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