"A warm greeting combined with a welcoming environment full of tactile and visual elements engaged my 16 month old son from the moment we stepped into Conecta Tahoe for the first time. Abbie's kindness and spirit shine through during group songs, activities and the cherished snack time when little ones are encouraged to practice developmentally appropriate table manners. I especially appreciate Abbie's warmth and wholeheartedly recommend Conecta Tahoe to parents seeking an educational and fun experience for themselves and their children." -Nicole Cheslock, Truckee MomStanford Graduate School of Education (MA)


"I have always known Abbie as being very passionate about education and having extensive knowledge. In a very natural way she creates learning opportunities for the children around her. Abbie is a great observer and is able to meet a child were they are at. Abbie is an admirable parent in the way she is able to connect with her daughter. My son (and he is very picky) loves Abbie." -Femke Borge, Friend, Truckee Mom


"My family has a lot of Love and Respect for Abbie Saturno. Not only did she generously offer to help, and successfully transition our daughter into the first grade of the dual-immersion program (on her free time), but she later showed us what a wonderful teacher she was during our son's kindergarten year. Abbie is a special individual, combining her love for others with a passion for education." -Todd, Janet, Cameron, and Quinn Wees, Amazing Family!


"Students thrive in Abbie's care, both socially and academically. She nurtures their sense of community, self respect, and love of learning."
-Eileen Fahrner, Former Kings Beach Elementary Principal


I love Abbie's ability to tie the natural world into her experiences with the children. Her deep connection to the developmental needs of young children creates an inspiring interaction between the natural unfolding of the child and scaffold supported learning led by Abbie.
-Kristina Penn, Mudpies and Mountaintops Preschool Owner/Teacher

"Abbie is a friend and fellow mom. I enjoy observing Abbie speak Spanish to her daughter. It is clear that her daughter understands both languages, and it is exciting that she will grow up bilingual with such an early advantage! Another parenting trait of Abbie's I admire is her creativity and mindfulness of education when she plans activities for her daughter. Her home is filled with educational and fun activity stations for toddlers. Her background as a teacher is apparent in her parenting." -Karen Kopanou, Friend, Truckee Mom


"I enjoyed the Spanish songs and all the Spanish used for discipline too. The table manners and routine were excellent as well. Beautiful and comfortable environment for the kids."


"Abbie is a creative and patient teacher. She has researched and worked really hard to develop her philosophy for parenting and teaching."


"Abbie does such a good job with the kids. She is really passionate about her work and the kids respond so well. I look forward to seeing this grow and expand. What a great addition to the Tahoe/Truckee community!"


"I didn't know what to expect but I was very impressed with both the space and Abbie's teaching style."


"Such a wonderful class! I love Abbie's style of teaching. My son loved the music and all of the props that she used throughout. I would definitely recommend this class! VERY, VERY impressed :)."


"A very well taught class that teaches both parent and child great strategies for exposing children to Spanish."


"We really enjoy organized activities. Melanie loves music so this class had it all for her. I am a native Spanish speaker, but I don't really know any Spanish songs so this class helps."