Conecta, Truckee’s newest Preschool, offers a Reggio Emilia and RIE® inspired bilingual program for children ages 2-5 years. Conecta prepares children for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten by creating a balance of child-led and teacher-led activities. Abbie Lara, the Director and Teacher, has over 13 years of experience teaching preschoolers and kindergartners. She believes children and adults should go through the learning process without any limitations to their potential.

Conecta values the whole child. Children in the program are treated with respect and trust. They have the right to explore, interact, practice, teach, create, move, and play to learn. Natural objects from our environment are used indoors, outdoor play is sacred, and their school environment is prepared to suit developmental stages and individual needs.

Conecta preschool involves the children in solving their own problems, rather than providing them with solutions. This approach helps the children to understand and cope in other situations. It also provides them with tools they can use throughout a lifetime.

Child-driven studies propel the curriculum, and teachers weave in math, science, the arts, literature, reading skills, and other academic skills. At Conecta, students learn how to learn, and they grow to their greatest potential.