Parent-Toddler Play Class

Elevate Your Child's Curiosity

Toddlers are active in Parent-Toddler Play Classes. Toys are open-ended, which means they can be used in many different ways and therefore encourage creativity. Discovery and invention are on the forefront of play.

Exploring Development

Toddlerhood is a time to discover, try, and master developmental skills. They are masters of their movement as they practice over and over again. Conecta Tahoe's structures, toys, and environment provide optimal exploration for their development. 


Learning Labs are designed for up to 6-8 toddlers and their parents or caregivers. This ensures a safe environment with space and plenty of opportunity to focus on play. 

Journey to Discover Sense of Self

Parent-Toddler Learning Labs nurture the sense of self. Your toddler is learning about emotions, limits, and abilities while discovering how to see oneself in the world they live in. Development of sense of self is discussed, honored, and supported by all Learning Lab participants. 

Conecta Tahoe is the Scaffolding

Knowledge in early childhood development, current research, data, and philosophies guide a strong support system for toddlers and parents. At Conecta Tahoe we respect your toddler's development and need to explore their emotions, body, interactive play, boundaries, and relationships. We are right there with you to support and celebrate along the way!

How Long is the Class?

One hour and a half 

What Age Range?

Toddlers 1-2 years


Magda Gerber and RIE®

These classes are influenced by the seminal work of Magda Gerber, founder of Resources for Infant Educarers®. To see a video of toddlers in action during a Parent-Infant RIE® class, please click on the video.